Hinowa 20.10 Spiderlift

A great all rounder and easy to use


The Hinowa 20.10 spiderlift cherry picker is a great all rounder, it has a maximum vertical reach of 20m and maximum working outreach of 9.7m with a full 230kg working envelope. Easy to use and with it’s triple speed tracking option you can gets jobs done quicker.

Our Hinowa 20.10 is very simple to use and can easily get into small or tight work areas without fuss. Popular with tree surgeons, cleaning companies, high level maintenance and telecoms work it’s 230kg basket capacity can comfortably allow for two persons in the basket.


  • Next Day Delivery
  • Hire Machine Only
  • Hire With Operator

Hinowa 20.10 Specifications

Working height 20m
Outreach 9.7m
Basket Capacity 230kg
Machine Weight 2,800kgs
Minimum Width 80cm
Engine Power Diesel & 110v

Hinowa 20.10 Working Diagram

Our Hinowa 20.10 is available to hire thoughout the UK.