Van-Mounted Units

Our Versalift Eurotel NF 14.2 metre, 200kg capacity access platform is the cherry picker of choice for contractors and utility workers. The light van chassis allows the unit to be driven into position virtually anywhere a car can go, yet provides a sturdy and flexible working platform.

Our van-mounted units are available for self-drive hire anywhere in South Wales from as little as £175 for a single day or £550 for a weeks hire. Click here to learn more!

Truck-Mounted Units

Our Ruthmann 33 metre cherry picker is one of the most popular truck-mounted units in the UK. It offers a full 21 metre outreach, and the entire unit weighs just 7.5 tonnes, allowing it to access many places larger trucks cannot reach. The high capacity, 320 kg basket accommodates up to three people and their tools, assuring the work can be done quickly and effectively.

You can hire this 33 metre platform and a qualified driver for as little as £445.

Spider lift Units

Our Spiderlift units are extremely compact and flexible, and able to squeeze through gaps and paths less than a metre wide before expanding and getting to work. These are ideal for accessing back gardens and other difficult areas without removing fences or causing major disruptions.

Our compact CMC S15 units are extremely compact, and can navigate gaps as narrow as 78 cm, yet lifts a 200 kg load to a working height of 15 metres at up to 7 metres outreach. The nimble ‘spider’ legs allow it to work on slopes and soft surfaces, or even inside buildings.