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Our spider cherry pickers are ideally suited to tackling difficult working at height projects where you might have narrow access or small spaces to set a cherry picker up. Our tracked cherry pickers can be used indoor on delicate floors and outdoors on uneven, rough or sloped terrain.

We specialise in the hire of spider cherry pickers, tracked access platforms, spider lift hire and small, mini and narrow cherry pickers. Capable of providing outstandingly flexible and safe high level access across the UK.



Our smallest tracked cherry picker, capable of getting into the tightest spots both for internal building maintenance and external access on a variety of jobs.

With minimal point loadings the CTE CS135 is the ideal solution for working inside buildings where there is a weight restriction or fragile floors. With a mains powered electric motor this machine can work almost silently in noise sensitive areas.

With a diesel engine for outside use, even with its compact dimensions this spiderlift still has a 200kg basket capacity and is capable of carrying two men plus tools.

This machine also comes with the advantages of non-marking rubber tracks, meaning that floor protection is often not required – allowing you to complete the job quicker.

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Our CMC S15 spider cherry picker is a fantastic all rounder. Small enough to get through narrow gaps, at only 78cm wide, yet has up to 7m of sideways reach .

The CMC S15 benefits from non-marking tracks, a diesel engine for external working and a mains powered 240v electric engine for internal building use or for areas where the noise from a diesel engine may be an issue.

This lightweight and narrow small cherry picker can be used for a wide range of high level access requirements where bigger machines would be unable to access.
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The Hinowa 20.10 Performance IIIS is a compact and functional spiderlift with the latest technology allowing for very easy operation, in fact it’s probably one of the simplest tracked cherry pickers we have for operator friendliness.

The Hinowa 20.10 tracked aerial platform benefits from a 230kg basket throught its unrestricted working envelope and has a maximum outreach of 9.7m.

This spider lift is bi-fuel powered by standard specification utilising either a diesel engine or 110v mains power. We do now also operate a lithium powered Hinowa 20.10 which is great for working environments where you do not want any trailing leads such as hospitals and shopping centres.
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The CTE CS230 spiderlift is an articulated boom equipped with a fly jib. It also has the benefit of self-levelling outriggers and radio control for tracking, this spider lift is well equipped for tough outdoor work.

This model of spider cherry picker also has digital self-diagnostic fault checking and one control panel for all functions. At only 78cm wide this is the narrowest 23m spider in its class, but still delivers a very impressive 12m outreach.

Like all our spiderlifts this machine is available to hire on a machine only basis or hired together with one of our experienced IPAF operators.
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The Teupen Leo 23GT has secured its place as the leader in its class in the 23m spiderlift category. This articulated spider has exceptional up and over reach and has proved itself a remarkable performer on rough and uneven terrain.

The operation of this spider cherry picker is made remarkably easy with its automatic self-levelling outrigger system and smooth drive tracking system. Non-marking tracks also come as standard and the machine can be run on 110v or 240v mains power or by it’s powerful diesel engine for outside use.

A favourite with tree surgeons and tradesmen alike this spider is highly popular for both internal and external work. The new hydraulically powered variable width and height adjustable tracks are a great option when working in muddy or off road environments.
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We are lucky enough to currently be the only company in the UK to stock the Cela DT25 spider cherry picker. This amazingly compact spiderlift is only 4.1m in length, without its removable basket, allowing this machine to access many places where a less compact 23m spider would be unable to.

The Cela DT25 has a lot to offer the UK hire market and its impressive specifications outperform many similar sized machines. Weighing in at just 2,800kg the Cela DT25 has a remarkable maximum outreach of 12m and a maximum working height of 24m.

Another unique feature of the DT25 is that it is also capable of negative reach, allowing users to reach 4.5m below ground. It also has height and width adjustable tracks which makes it a fantastic spider lift for using off road.

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Cost-effective Solutions to High Level Access Problems

Our spiderlift cherry pickers can provide very cost-effective solutions to high level access problems where previously expensive scaffolding may have had to have been used. This allows for common building maintenance tasks to be carried out with much less disruption and cost.

Spider Access Platforms

Our range of spider cherry pickers are ideal for working on uneven ground, slopes and grass. Or spider access platforms range from 15m to 33m in reach.

The narrow-access spider lifts can be used outdoors or indoors and can fit through a single door way for internal use, providing a unique access solution.

Proving the ideal high level maintenance solution for large buildings with high ceilings such as shopping centres and office atriums.

Tracked Cherry Pickers

Our spiderlift access platforms and tracked cherry pickers are extremely compact and flexible, and able to squeeze through gaps and paths less than a metre wide before expanding and getting to work. These are ideal for accessing back gardens and other difficult areas without removing fences or causing major disruptions and are often ideally suited to assist with gutter cleaning services.

Our smallest tracked cherry picker is the compact CMC S15 units are extremely compact, and can navigate gaps as narrow as 78 cm, yet lifts a 200 kg load to a working height of 15 metres at up to 7 metres outreach. The nimble ‘spider’ legs allow it to work on slopes and soft surfaces, or even inside buildings.

Our larger Teupen Leo 23GT spiderlift cherry pickers can place a 200kg workload up to 23 metres high, with a maximum outreach of more than 11 metres, making this the lift platform of choice for high work in difficult terrain. Just like the smaller CMC, these work on virtually any terrain, yet can propel themselves through metre-wide gaps with ease.

Machine only hire of our spiderlift cherry pickers starts at just £225 + VAT per day.

Dragon Access supply operated and self-drive cherry pickers and have platforms available to commercial and domestic customers across South Wales and Cardiff, and specialise in finding solutions that work in restricted or challenging situations. Just contact us and explain your needs. We’ll be able to find something for you that will fit!

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