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We specialise in the hire of spider cherry pickers, tracked access platforms, spider lift hire and small, mini and narrow cherry pickers. Capable of providing outstandingly flexible and safe high level access across the UK.

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Hinowa 17.75

The Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 is a high-performance tracked boom, providing a working height of up to 17m and maximum outreach of 7.5m. Its dual pantograph lifting mechanism enables the operator to use the lift when it is flush against a wall.

Palazzani TZ330

Palazanni TZ 330 crawler spider lift with double pantograph and articulated jib. Equipped with Diesel Engine Hatz 2L41C and Electric motor. Max working height 32 mt, Max outreach 16.50 mt. Boom rotation 660°, Basket rotation 90°+90°.

Palazanni XTJ 32

XTJ 32 presents maximum versatility and excellent performance for use in the various environmental conditions. The overall dimensions are stowed and the high function speeds are guaranteed even in electric mode.

Hinowa 26.14

The Hinowa 26.14 is part of the Lightlift range, providing a working height of up to 25.7m and maximum outreach of 13.6m. It can lift 230kg – enough for two people with tools – without restriction throughout its entire working envelope.


The Bluelift C22/11 has a reach height of 21m and a maximum outreach of 10.80m. Its narrow width (0.91m when stowed) enables the Bluelift spider boom lift to access most work areas whilst tracks enable it to traverse tough ground conditions.

Cela DT25 Spiderlift

The Cela DT25 spiderlift cherry picker is the most compact machine in its class at only 4.1m long and just 80cm wide. This allows it to pass through narrow doorways and access tight areas either inside buildings or outside on rough terrain.

Hinowa 20.10 Spiderlift

Our Hinowa 20.10 is very simple to use and can easily get into small or tight work areas without fuss. Popular with tree surgeons, cleaning companies, high level maintenance & telecoms, it's 230kg basket capacity can allow for 2 persons.

Hinowa 15.70 Spiderlift

The Hinowa 15.70 is a versatile small spiderlift cherry picker is an excellent all rounder, it has a maximum vertical reach of 15.4m and maximum working outreach of 6.6m with a full 230kg working envelope.

CMC S15 Spider Cherry Picker

The CMC S15 Spiderlift cherry picker is the most compact machine of its type at only 3.4m long and just 78cm wide. This allows it to pass through single doorways and move easily in to tight corners around buildings.

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Cost-effective Solutions to High Level Access Problems

Spider Access Platforms

Our spider lift cherry pickers can provide very cost-effective solutions to high level access problems where previously expensive scaffolding may have had to have been used. This allows for common building maintenance tasks to be carried out with much less disruption and cost.

Our range of spider cherry pickers are ideal for working on uneven ground, slopes and grass. Or spider access platforms range from 15m to 33m in reach.

The narrow-access spider lifts can be used outdoors or indoors and can fit through a single door way for internal use, providing a unique access solution.

Proving the ideal high level maintenance solution for large buildings with high ceilings such as shopping centres and office atriums.

Tracked Cherry Pickers

Dragon Access supply operated and self-drive cherry pickers and have platforms available to commercial and domestic customers across South Wales and Cardiff, and specialise in finding solutions that work in restricted or challenging situations. Just contact us and explain your needs. We’ll be able to find something for you that will fit!

Our spiderlift access platforms and tracked cherry pickers are extremely compact and flexible, and able to squeeze through gaps and paths less than a metre wide before expanding and getting to work. These are ideal for accessing back gardens and other difficult areas without removing fences or causing major disruptions and are often ideally suited to assist with gutter cleaning services.

Providing a Range of Solution in All Sizes

Working in narrow access or small spaces

Our smallest tracked cherry picker is the compact CMC S15 units are extremely compact, and can navigate gaps as narrow as 78 cm, yet lifts a 200 kg load to a working height of 15 metres at up to 7 metres outreach. The nimble ‘spider’ legs allow it to work on slopes and soft surfaces, or even inside buildings.

Our larger Teupen Leo 23GT spiderlift cherry pickers can place a 200kg workload up to 23 metres high, with a maximum outreach of more than 11 metres, making this the lift platform of choice for high work in difficult terrain. Just like the smaller CMC, these work on virtually any terrain, yet can propel themselves through metre-wide gaps with ease.

Machine only hire of our spiderlift cherry pickers starts at just £225 + VAT per day.