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Scissor lift hire is a normal procedure in most commercial contractor industries such as electricians, fit-out companies and the construction industry, but they are also used privately – in homes to tackle high level repairs, tree trimming, window cleaning and much more.

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Effective solution for multi-site work

Niftylift HR21 4×4

Winner of the International Awards for Powered Access 'IAPA Product of the Year 2018', the HeightRider 21 4x4 (HR21 4x4) self-propelled cherry picker will lift 2 persons and their tools to a working height of 20.8m or a working outreach of 13m.

Almac Jibbi 1250 Evo

The Jibbi 1250 was designed to solve the problem of setting up a cherry picker on steep slopes & rough terrain. With its unique automatic levelling system the Jibbi 1250 can provide access solutions to difficult working environments.

Star 10 Cherry Picker

The Star 10 mast boom is an agile access platform which is ideal for working in confined spaces, ideally for working on slab concrete floor such as inside warehouses or supermarkets and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Niftylift HR12 NDE

With its compact dimensions and class-leading working envelope, the HeightRider 12 has always been versatile and reliable. Add to this a low weight chassis and a powerful four-wheel-drive system and you've got the HeightRider 12 4x4.

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