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Scissor lift hire is a normal procedure in most commercial contractor industries such as electricians, fit-out companies and the construction industry, but they are also used privately – in homes to tackle high level repairs, tree trimming, window cleaning and much more.

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Snorkel S2755RT

The Snorkel S2755RT is a narrow diesel scissor platform that provides excellent off-road performance. Thanks to the slim dimensions, it is ideally suited for access to and use in narrow areas of work.

Skyjack 3226

The Skyjack 3226 electric powered scissor lift from Skyjack is a fuel efficient model which offers a maximum working height of 9.75 metres. With a narrow width and non-marking tyres, it can be used outdoors on even surfaces

Skyjack SJ3219

The Skyjack 3219 is a compact electric scissor lift with a 7.80m working height and 227kg safe working load, and is available to hire with or without an operator. Skyjack electric scissor lifts have been recognised as an industry leader for over a decade.

Skyjack 4632

Skyjack electric scissor lifts have been recognised as an industry, the Skyjack 4632 12m Scissor lift offers a range of different working heights and is easy to use and maintain. These lifts offer a time efficient and safe way to gain access.

Genie GS-3232 Scissor Lift

This model of scissor lift is equipped with an automatic levelling hydraulic outrigger system which will level the machine on slopes up to five degrees. Setting this machine apart from your run of the mill narrow scissor lifts.

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Scissor Lift Hire or Another Type of Aerial Lift?

Scissor Lift Guide

If you are thinking about scissor lift hire but not quite sure where to start (or even if it’s a scissor lift is really what need) Before we dig into the tech, size and specs, let’s cover some basic ground.

A scissor lift is a motorised, railed platform. They’re so-called because of the criss-cross supports that lift the platform into the air. Think of a scissor lift as a solid, mobile and more advanced alternative to traditional ladders, scaffolding and work towers.

Scissor lifts can be either diesel, petrol or electric-powered. Diesel scissor lifts are effective workhorses for use outdoors, while electric scissor lifts are the safe solution for indoor operation, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

When looking for a scissor lift, you may come across a few other terms, which all refer to scissor lifts or similar machines (such as cherry picker or spider lift), these are:  Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP), Aerial work platform (AWP), Elevated work platform (EWP)

Choosing the Right Solution

There are many types of aerial lifts, including articulated or telescoping booms, spider lifts and cherry pickers. All these lifts reach higher heights than the standard scissor lift, however they often can’t carry as much weight nor do they provide the large working platforms that scissor lifts can.

A further advantage that scissor lift hire can provide is their relatively compact size when folded. Depending on the model, they measure between five to nine feet in height, and between 2’ 6 when collapsed.

The smaller, more compact of scissor lift models are ideal for working within confined spaces where the working area has limited deck size, or in an area that is only accessible through standard size door frames. However it’s worth noting that with a downgrade in size, comes the compromise of a limited working platform. In contrast, the larger of models can comfortably carry up to seven people.

What Type of Scissor Lift Do I Need?

Our Scissor Lifts & Booms Provide a Wide Range of Benefits

Tracked scissor lift hire
Some tracked scissor lifts feature auto-levelling outriggers which extend outwards to stabilise the lift on the more uneven of surfaces, while the most advanced have bi-levelling tracks which can navigate step-like differences in ground level.

Rough terrain scissor lift
Rough terrain scissor lift hire will be suitable when your project is based outdoors covering challenging surfaces. These scissor lifts operate on either petrol or diesel, and feature large, robust tires made for moving over dirt, uneven ground and rocks.

The larger of rough-terrain scissor lifts will also boast four-wheel drive, which boosts their ability to tackle tougher terrains. When working with these heavy-duty scissor lifts you can expect the machine to carry weights of between 1,000 and 2,250 pounds and have working height ranges of between 38 and 50 feet.