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Truck mounted platform hire – We specialise in the hire of van mounted and truck mounted cherry pickers which are available on a self-drive basis or complete with one of our IPAF qualified operators for a hassle free hire.

Do not need to leave on site overnight
Effective solution for multi-site work

Palfinger P370KS

On an 18ton chassis this truck mounted platform will over 37m of vertical reach along with an incredible maximum sideways reach of 31.5m. Offering the best of both worlds the Palfinger P370KS has fantastic reach whilst being very compact.

Multitel MZ250

Our MultiTel MZ250 truck mounted cherry picker features a unique up and over geometry providing a fantastic outreach at high level. It's perfect for multiple site work and can be set up quickly and ready to use in minutes.

Versalift 38NF

Ideal for street lighting and signage work the Versalift 38NF comes complete with a fibreglass basket. Ideal for multi-site work. It is capable of carrying one person and their tools up to a total of 230Kg


Bronto 56 XR

Our Bronto 56XR is on a 26ton chassis and its incredible reach is ideal for assisting with TV, film, sporting and event work, cladding installations, high level signage work, tree surgery, roof maintenance, general cleaning & maintenance access.

33m Truck Mount

Ruthmann T330

The Ruthmann T330 truck mount is the largest reaching vehicle mounted cherry picker available on a 7.5ton chassis. Meaning we can provide a maximum outreach of 21m and a vertical reach of up to 33m

21M Truck Mount


The 3.5ton Nissan Cabster chassis means that anyone with a standard driving license can self-drive the CTE ZED 21.JH or we can supply an IPAF qualified operator to assist you with your work.

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Operated Truck Mounted Access Platforms & Cherry Pickers

Available across the UK

Our operated truck mounted cherry picker hire is available across the UK, wherever you are located we can quote for your next truck mounted cherry picker. Call for a free quote today.

Skilled IPAF trained operators

Our experienced and skilled IPAF trained operators are available to hire for cherry picker hire with operator, should you want to hire one with any of our cherry pickers if you do not currently hold the correct IPAF training for a particular access platform hire.

We have the equipment and expertise you need at a price you can afford!

Vehicle Mounted Platform

Our van and truck mounted cherry pickers are ideal for working on highways, multi-site jobs and to provide massive outreach and sideways reach.

Available on both a self-drive basis or an operated hire our van and lorry mounted access platforms can be driven on a standard UK driving license.
If your looking for a cherry picker with operator these vehicles can provide the ideal solution for property maintenance, cleaning and roof surveys etc.

Operated Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

One of the most popular truck mounted units

The Ruthmann T330 33 metre cherry picker is one of the most popular truck mounted units in the UK. It offers a huge 21 metre outreach and the entire unit weighs just 7.5 tonnes allowing it to access many places larger truck mounted access platforms cannot gain access to. The high capacity, 320 kg basket accommodates up to three people and their tools, assuring the work can be done quickly and effectively.

Our Ruthmann T330 is available for hire from both our Cardiff and Bristol depots. You can hire this 33 metre access platform and a qualified driver for as little as £395 + VAT for a half day or £545 + VAT for a full days hire.