Our Fleet

We specialise in providing a range of access vehicles, including van mounted cherry pickers, truck mounted cherry pickers, spider cherry pickers, tracked access platforms, spider lift hire and small, mini and narrow cherry pickers. Capable of providing outstandingly flexible and safe high level access across the UK. Available on a self-drive basis or complete with one of our IPAF qualified operators for a hassle free hire.

Do not need to leave on site overnight
Effective solution for multi-site work

Hinowa 17.75

The Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 is a high-performance tracked boom, providing a working height of up to 17m and maximum outreach of 7.5m. Its dual pantograph lifting mechanism enables the operator to use the lift when it is flush against a wall.

Palfinger P370KS

On an 18ton chassis this truck mounted platform will over 37m of vertical reach along with an incredible maximum sideways reach of 31.5m. Offering the best of both worlds the Palfinger P370KS has fantastic reach whilst being very compact.

Snorkel S2755RT

The Snorkel S2755RT is a narrow diesel scissor platform that provides excellent off-road performance. Thanks to the slim dimensions, it is ideally suited for access to and use in narrow areas of work.

Skyjack 3226

The Skyjack 3226 electric powered scissor lift from Skyjack is a fuel efficient model which offers a maximum working height of 9.75 metres. With a narrow width and non-marking tyres, it can be used outdoors on even surfaces

Skyjack SJ3219

The Skyjack 3219 is a compact electric scissor lift with a 7.80m working height and 227kg safe working load, and is available to hire with or without an operator. Skyjack electric scissor lifts have been recognised as an industry leader for over a decade.

Skyjack 4632

Skyjack electric scissor lifts have been recognised as an industry, the Skyjack 4632 12m Scissor lift offers a range of different working heights and is easy to use and maintain. These lifts offer a time efficient and safe way to gain access.

Palazzani TZ330

Palazanni TZ 330 crawler spider lift with double pantograph and articulated jib. Equipped with Diesel Engine Hatz 2L41C and Electric motor. Max working height 32 mt, Max outreach 16.50 mt. Boom rotation 660°, Basket rotation 90°+90°.

Palazanni XTJ 32

XTJ 32 presents maximum versatility and excellent performance for use in the various environmental conditions. The overall dimensions are stowed and the high function speeds are guaranteed even in electric mode.

Niftylift HR21 4×4

Winner of the International Awards for Powered Access 'IAPA Product of the Year 2018', the HeightRider 21 4x4 (HR21 4x4) self-propelled cherry picker will lift 2 persons and their tools to a working height of 20.8m or a working outreach of 13m.

Multitel MZ250

Our MultiTel MZ250 truck mounted cherry picker features a unique up and over geometry providing a fantastic outreach at high level. It's perfect for multiple site work and can be set up quickly and ready to use in minutes.

Hinowa 26.14

The Hinowa 26.14 is part of the Lightlift range, providing a working height of up to 25.7m and maximum outreach of 13.6m. It can lift 230kg – enough for two people with tools – without restriction throughout its entire working envelope.


The Bluelift C22/11 has a reach height of 21m and a maximum outreach of 10.80m. Its narrow width (0.91m when stowed) enables the Bluelift spider boom lift to access most work areas whilst tracks enable it to traverse tough ground conditions.

Versalift 38NF

Ideal for street lighting and signage work the Versalift 38NF comes complete with a fibreglass basket. Ideal for multi-site work. It is capable of carrying one person and their tools up to a total of 230Kg


Bronto 56 XR

Our Bronto 56XR is on a 26ton chassis and its incredible reach is ideal for assisting with TV, film, sporting and event work, cladding installations, high level signage work, tree surgery, roof maintenance, general cleaning & maintenance access.

33m Truck Mount

Ruthmann T330

The Ruthmann T330 truck mount is the largest reaching vehicle mounted cherry picker available on a 7.5ton chassis. Meaning we can provide a maximum outreach of 21m and a vertical reach of up to 33m

21M Truck Mount


The 3.5ton Nissan Cabster chassis means that anyone with a standard driving license can self-drive the CTE ZED 21.JH or we can supply an IPAF qualified operator to assist you with your work.

Cela DT25 Spiderlift

The Cela DT25 spiderlift cherry picker is the most compact machine in its class at only 4.1m long and just 80cm wide. This allows it to pass through narrow doorways and access tight areas either inside buildings or outside on rough terrain.

Hinowa 20.10 Spiderlift

Our Hinowa 20.10 is very simple to use and can easily get into small or tight work areas without fuss. Popular with tree surgeons, cleaning companies, high level maintenance & telecoms, it's 230kg basket capacity can allow for 2 persons.

Hinowa 15.70 Spiderlift

The Hinowa 15.70 is a versatile small spiderlift cherry picker is an excellent all rounder, it has a maximum vertical reach of 15.4m and maximum working outreach of 6.6m with a full 230kg working envelope.

CMC S15 Spider Cherry Picker

The CMC S15 Spiderlift cherry picker is the most compact machine of its type at only 3.4m long and just 78cm wide. This allows it to pass through single doorways and move easily in to tight corners around buildings.

Almac Jibbi 1250 Evo

The Jibbi 1250 was designed to solve the problem of setting up a cherry picker on steep slopes & rough terrain. With its unique automatic levelling system the Jibbi 1250 can provide access solutions to difficult working environments.

Genie GS-3232 Scissor Lift

This model of scissor lift is equipped with an automatic levelling hydraulic outrigger system which will level the machine on slopes up to five degrees. Setting this machine apart from your run of the mill narrow scissor lifts.

Star 10 Cherry Picker

The Star 10 mast boom is an agile access platform which is ideal for working in confined spaces, ideally for working on slab concrete floor such as inside warehouses or supermarkets and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Niftylift HR12 NDE

With its compact dimensions and class-leading working envelope, the HeightRider 12 has always been versatile and reliable. Add to this a low weight chassis and a powerful four-wheel-drive system and you've got the HeightRider 12 4x4.