Whether around the home or for one-off tasks, working at height can be a challenge. Ladders often cannot give the height, stability and comfort that you need to do the job safely. Alternatively, scaffolding seems an excessive and unnecessary expense that also limits your movement. In most situations, a cherry picker becomes an ideal choice for providing access and working at height.

While you make think they’re only for commercial use, domestic cherry picker hire can be ideal for your home too.

Why hire a cherry picker for domestic use?

While cherry pickers got their name from assisting with fruit picking; you can use them for so many different things. From managing the trees in your garden to clearing the guttering; repairing the roof to painting or perhaps to get some stunning aerial shots of your property. A cherry picker gives you the height, comfort and freedom to tackle a range of jobs safely, easily and quickly.

With domestic cherry picker hire, you can tick all of those long overdue home chores with ease whether you need to conduct tree surgery or get painting. A cherry picker has plenty of room for tools and equipment making every task seamless.

Is a cherry picker too big for my home?

Understandably, many homes are not suitable for large machinery. Many people think of commercial cherry pickers which are usually relatively large and bulky and assume they are not ideal for domestic use. However, at Dragon Access, we have a range of small cherry picker solutions. For example, our small spider cherry picker is just 78cm wide which means it can get through the narrowest gaps to get to your home and garden.

As well as the size, we are also conscious of your neighbours, which is why our electric motor machines run almost silently which is ideal in noise sensitive areas and means that you can get to work without upsetting your neighbours.

If you’re worried about the damage to the floor, Dragon Access has a solution for that too. Our spiderlift cherry picker use minimal point loadings which keep the cherry picker evenly distributed and safe, all the while being able to work where there is a fragile floor or weight restriction.

What are the benefits of domestic cherry picker hire?

There are many benefits for domestic cherry picker hire which are well worth considering for your next home project. For a start, the versatility of a cherry picker means that you can easily move around the different areas that you are working on. This means that if you want to tick off a few height jobs in one day, your cherry picker is ready to help with them all.

Furthermore, a cherry picker can dramatically speed up the time it takes to conduct previously tricky tasks. For a start, there is no need to keep going up and down a ladder to fetch equipment or adjust your position. Cherry picker hire – with or without one of our operators – will speed up the time it takes you to complete your high level task. What’s more, there is no time wasted in installation and dismantling either scaffold towers either.

Perhaps the most critical benefit of cherry picker hire with operator is the safety and peace of mind it provides. By selecting man and cherry picker hire, you don’t have to work out how to get to grips with the machinery. The operator will be able to choose the safest place to work from and be able to give you the comfort and safety you need to complete your maintenance tasks at height.

In some cases, a cherry picker may be your only solution as it has the ability to make previously difficult to access areas incredibly easy to reach. If something is a challenge to reach or impossible to get at, a cherry picker may be the best way to do something safely and with ease.

Choosing cherry picker hire with driver

When hiring a cherry picker, there is a lot to consider. You will want to make the most out of your hire and do as much as you can with the cherry picker in the shortest time possible to get value for money. At Dragon Access we offer domestic cherry picker hire with operator, so that you have a trained and trusted professional to operate the platform.

Having a driver gives you the peace of mind that the machinery is operated safely and that you have their expertise for the tasks ahead. With an operator’s experience, they will often be able to suggest the best ways to approach the task as well as the best positioning for the cherry picker.

A cherry picker operator can save you both time and energy; you don’t have to get to grips with the health and safety of operating the picker. You’ll have the expertise of someone who holds all of the necessary qualifications for working at height. With this, the cherry picker will simply arrive when you need and be ready for action.

With minimal disruption and a cost-effective price; a cherry picker with driver can save you time, hassle and money.

Where can I hire a cherry picker?

If you’re ready to tackle those tasks at height, it is time to book your cherry picker hire. As the cherry picker will need to be delivered to your location, it is usually best to select a reputable company which operates in your area to keep transport costs down to a minimum. However, with this, remember to check their qualifications, insurance and LOLER safety certifications. It is much more important to choose a company you trust than the closest, cheapest provider.

At Dragon Access, we offer cherry picker hire with driver across South Wales, the Midlands and the West of the UK. We have multiple depots which mean we can provide cost effective hire quotes wherever you are. Whether you’re looking for a self-drive cherry picker of cherry picker hire with operator, we can help.

If you’re not sure what cherry picker is right for your home or task, then simply get in touch with our friendly team. Call us on  0333 772 9645, and we will be happy to assist you. We will be happy to recommend the best, most affordable solution for your needs.

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