Cherry Picker Hire Cost

Do you have a job that needs to be completed at height and you know that either the job is realistically too high to be done safely from ladders or probably too expensive to justify the cost of fixed scaffolding for a job which may only take an hour or two to complete. A cherry picker may be just the solution you are looking for – allowing you to work safely at height at a very competitive cost compared to traditional scaffolding.

Find out more about Cherry Picker Hire Costs for:

  • Fixing slipped roof tiles
  • Chimney repairs
  • Chimney cowls
  • Painting a building
  • Window repairs
  • Roof surveys
  • Fascia and gutter installation
  • Tree surgery
  • Roof Cleaning
  • …and much more

Cherry picker hire is often ideal for any of these above short duration maintenance tasks.

Cherry Picker Hire Cost Per Day

The cost of cherry picker hire will depend on the type of cherry picker you require and the height you need to reach. There are a huge range of access platforms to choose from such as truck mounted cherry pickers, self propelled MEWP’s, scissor lifts, spiderlifts and mast booms. Factors you will need to consider when choosing the most appropriate cherry picker for the job will include taking into consideration the site conditions and constraints.

You will have to make sure that you have enough room to firstly fit the cherry picker into an area close enough to the area you need to access. You will also need to measure the sideways distance, or outreach, you will require and also the maximum vertical reach you will need.

The type of surface you are working on will also need to be taken into account as different cherry pickers can have drastically different machine weights. If you are working on concrete, block paving or tarmac surfaces it is likely that the ground is firm and stable. But if you are working on grass, for example, you would want to choose a cherry picker that is more lightweight and able to deal with uneven or sloping terrain, such as a spiderlift access platform.

Cherry Picker Hire Prices

Below you will find some indicative cherry picker hire costs based on the daily hire rate for a range of different access platform types such as truck mounts, van mounts, tracked cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

Truck Mounted Cherry Picker Cost

Truck mounted cherry pickers have one big advantage over other types of access platforms. They are very mobile, meaning that you do not have additional transport costs on top of the machine hire costs of the cherry picker.

Another great benefit of a truck mounted access platform is that if the job or site location is time sensitive the truck can be moved on to site when you are ready to start your job and then driven away as soon as the work is complete. This means that you do not end up with a large cherry picker left on site awaiting collection by HGV transport which can often cause a problem with some building owners.

Likely cost per day:

21m to 33m truck mounted cherry picker with qualified operator £375 to £595 + VAT

Tracked Cherry Picker Cost

Spiderlift cherry pickers or tracked access platforms are very flexible  and can provide an access solution where previously you may not of even thought possible. Usually, less than 1m in their transport position with outriggers up spider lifts can pass through doorways and gates and then open up and self level with their outrigger stabilisers.

Ideal for working on uneven ground and sloping terrain spiderlift start at around a 13m vertical reach and go all the way up to 50m in height. A favourite with tree surgeons and shopping centres spiderlift can provide unique access solutions and often only weigh between 2ton to 5ton.

Likely cost per day:

15m to 23m spider MEWP  £225 to £395 + VAT (Plus transport costs)

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