When you need to access a high point on a building or reach above a certain point on a tree or shrub, than a mere ladder can no longer do the job and certainly isn’t safe.  That’s where a spider lift can come in but what are they and what kind of jobs are they used for?

Who uses a spider lift?

Spider lifts are highly versatile tools that are perfect for dealing with high and awkward spots for a wide variety of tasks.  Using one of these lifts is also far better value for money than erecting scaffolding or hiring a general powered access vehicle that may do a variety of tasks you don’t require.

Here at Dragon Access, we have a range of different spider lifts available but who hires them and what kind of work do they use them for?  The list is extensive and ranges from tree surgeons and high level building maintenance companies through to those working in TV and film who require to get cameras or other equipment to a certain level.  Working on TV and telecoms masts is often done with a spider lift as is accessing parts of buildings where there is only a narrow space.

The lifts are also a big benefit due to their compact size, meaning they can operate inside buildings and only need a single doorway or gateway to gain access.  They can even operate on slopes and on grassy areas without the need for extensive anchoring.

The range

The baby of the family is the CS135 Spider which can work up to a height of 13.3 metres.  This means it is perfect for working inside buildings or where there are fragile floors that a heavier piece of equipment couldn’t handle.  The quiet running motor of the CS135 also means that it can operate in noise sensitive areas and can carry two men plus tools, up to 200kg, in the basket.  Finally, it has non-marking rubber tracks to ensure floors and surfaces are left unmarked.

At just 78cm wide, the S15 Spider is small and compact but can work up to 15metres height.  It can also reach up to seven metres sideways so is an excellent all-rounder than can perform a variety of tasks.  It uses a 240v electric engine so doesn’t create the noise of a diesel engine.

Greater heights

Next are the four larger height spider lifts that can work in a range of different environments.  The Hinowa 20.10 Spider can work up to 20 metres and has a high rating for operator friendliness.  It has a 230kg capacity on the basket and a bi-fuel motor.  The CS230 Spider works up to 23 metres and also has a radio control mechanism so is ideal for outdoor work while at 78cm width can also work indoors.

The Teupen Leo 23GT is the most popular 23 metre height spider lift in the country and can work on even rough terrain, operating by either electric or a diesel motor.  It is popular with tree surgeons as well as those working on high rise buildings.  Finally, Dragon Access is the only company in the UK to offer a CELA DT24 Spider which can reach 24 metres in height yet is compact and lightweight for its size.

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